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Children should be supervised near water

H2O Go Single Slider 7941563 £12.99 H2O Go Double Slider 7941448 £28.99 Are you ready for the ultimate garden water slide? The double slider

offers twice the fun with double slider lanes side by side, so two people can race to the bottom at the same time. There is a speed ramp at the first part of the slide which you can fill with water, to provide sliders with a soft landing. You can also connect a hose to the water slide creating an awesome spray. 5-12 years.

£24.99 Clearwater Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets 1kg Keeps your spa or pool safe and hygienic. 7940554

£4.49 5" Chemical Floater

Single Slider £12.99 Double Slider £28.99

Helps to control the number of chlorine and bromine tablets released into the water and maintains a healthy swimming environment. 7941359


Ocean Life Paddling Pool Constructed using 3 equal rings. Simply inflate, fill and watch over the children whilst they play. 122cm x 25cm. 3+. 7940748

£16.99 Space Ship Pool

Summer fun that’s out of this world! Made from robust, strengthened vinyl. Includes repair patch. 157cm x 41cm. 3+. 7941055

£34.99 NEW Summer Wave Crystal Pool

£39.99 Deluxe Rectangular Family Paddling Pool Great for the whole family. Quick and easy to set up. 305cm x 183cm x 56cm. 6+. 7941322

Make a splash this summer! Extra wide side walls. Includes repair patch and drain valve. 196cm x 53cm. 3+. 7941956

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