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p a d d l i n g p o o l s & a c c e s s o r i e s

240cm x 76cm 3310148 £39.99 300cm x 76cm 3310153 £49.99 Easy Set Pool

Great value for money and can be installed, ready for filling within 10 minutes. No tools are required just simply lay the paddling pool down on a flat surface, inflate the top ring and fill the pool with water. A fantastic pool for all the family to enjoy. 6+.

£37.99 See Through Round Pool Transparent rings. 203cm x 51cm. 3+. 3310132

240cm x 66cm 7942169 £44.99 300cm x 76cm 7942153 £54.99 NEW Fast Set Pool Quick and easy to set-up. Inflate the ring,

fill the pool with water and watch it grow in height and strength as it fills up. Integrated flow control drain valve for easy draining, which attaches to the garden hose so your pool water can be drained away from your garden. 6+.

£15.99 Dog Paddling Pool This 3-in-1 pool is strong enough to be used as a dog paddling pool, regular paddling pool or sand pit. 111cm in diameter and just 21cm high, making it easy for dogs to step into and out of. 3310572 but can also be used as a

£9.99 NEW Fill n Fun Paddling Pool Compact size is perfect for sea life mad kids to enjoy some watery fun in the sun. 2+. 7942174

£2.99 Water Skim Ball

Skims and bounces across water making

it a lot more fun to throw and catch. The size of a tennis ball making it easy to pack in a suitcase or tuck into a backpack. 3+. 7941469

£9.99 Bubble Buddies Dog Children love bubbles. Simply pour the bubble solution into his mouth, press the button on his tummy and watch it make hundreds of magical bubbles. 3+. 7941579

£2.49 each Animal Water Shooters

£4.99 Extreme Turbo Ring

Use to lounge in the pool or shoot down a water slide. Assorted colours. 10+. 7941139

Give your friends a good drenching! Let the battle begin! 25cm. 3+. 7941480

£16.99 NEW Pretty Pink Flamingo Rider A bright and eye- catching addition to your pool! Heavy duty handles. Patch repair kit. 135cm x 119cm. 3+. 7942180

£7.99 Clown Fish Ride On Heavy duty handles. Repair patch. 157cm x 94cm. 3+. 7941013

Children should be supervised near water

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