HH Spring Home & Garden 2019

Hanging Basket Accessories AQUAGEL 125g£3.99 250g£4.99

Decorative Garden A NEW Smart H anging Basket 12" £3.99 , 14" £4.99 Metal hanging basket with integral coco liner. Plants not included. B NEW SaxonHanging Basket with Liner 12" £7.99 , 14" £9.99 Metal hanging basket with integral coco liner. Plants not included. C NEW Large CheltenhamClock rrp£39.99 £29.99 Indoor/outdoor. Arabic numbers. Quartz accuracy. 58cm. D NEW Quadrant Clock rrp£24.99 £19.99 Indoor/outdoor. Roman numerials. Quartz accuracy. 50cm x 43cm. E NEW Decoir Door Mats £9.99each Natural coir upper. 75cm x 45cm. Monarch, Black &White or Gin designs. F NEW Laurel Leaf Trellis 180cmx 60cm rrp £27.99 £25 180cmx 90cm rrp £37.99 £35 This instant, natural looking hedging is perfect for transforming your outdoor areas and hiding unpleasant sights. G NEW Woodlife Garden Animals Young Rabbit £12.99 Hedgehog £19.99 Fox Cub £24.99 Baby Rabbit £8.99 Sitting Squirrel £16.99 Tortoise £27.99 Two tone resin ornaments give the impression of wood. Young Rabbit 11cm x 20.5cm. Hedgehog 22.3cm x 15.9cm. Fox Cub 27.5cm x 22.5cm. Baby Rabbit 8.5cm x 15cm. Sitting Squirrel 19.5cm x 16cm. Tortoise 31cm x 22cm. H Cozies Trio Planters £13.99 Features a unique nostalgic braided weave resin design. Place the planters individually or together for a welcome splash of colour. 15cm x 10.7cm. Assorted colours. Plants not included. I NEW Artificial Trees 120cm rrp£59.99 £49each An instant decorative, low maintenance alternative to living foliage that’s ideal for enhancing outdoor display areas. With a natural bamboo trunk and concrete pot. Bamboo or Ficus.

coco basketliners TWINPACK

Wall Brackets 12/14" £3.99 14/16" £4.99 HeavyDuty 12/14" £4.99

12"£3.99 14"£4.99

watering can1ltr £1.99

A from £3.99

basket CHAIN £2.99

B from £7.99

C £29.99

D £19.99

SAVE £10




E £9.99 each

F from £25

G from £8.99


£49 each I

£13.99 set of 3



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