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£34.99 rrp £39.99 NEW 40Ltr Black Slim Bin

Base and Lid £9.99 Base 40Ltr £6.99 Lid (Green or Blue) £3.99 each NEW Recycling Bins

£14.99 rrp £16.99 6Ltr Black Plastic Pedal Bin This mini plastic pedal bin has a sturdy pedal and a removable inner bucket.

Space-efficient shape that fits perfectly in tight spaces, like between cabinets. A slide lock helps keep rubbish in and pets and curious children out.

£34.99 per set rrp £44.99 NEW 30Ltr & 5Ltr Pedal Bin Set Steel body with plastic inner liner. Carry handle. Foot pedal function. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Grey or stainless steel.

The perfect solution for all your recycling needs. Boasting a large 40Ltr capacity per bin and large lift top lid, there’s plenty of room for all your recyclable waste. Create your own recycling hub, with inter-locking feature integrated into every bin lid.

Dish Cloths x5 30cm £1.29 Plug Hole Unblocker 500ml £3.49 Dissolves hair, grime & soapy deposits. Suitable for use with septic tanks and 500ml bottle is suitable for multiple applications. Anti-Bacterial Bathroom £2.99 Cleaner 500ml Hygienically cleans and kills bacteria around your bathroom. Anti-Bacterial Kitchen £2.99 Cleaner 500ml Destroys germs and unpleasant odours. Keep surfaces stain free.

save £1 - buy Limey and Descaler together for £5.98 Limey Tap Gadget £3.99 Descaler 500ml £2.99 Tap Descaling

5.5Ltr £4.79 7.5Ltr £4.99 10Ltr £4.99 Allstore Storage Boxes

Limey: Easy way to remove limescale from tap heads. Add limescale remover and fit over the tap heads. Works in just 15 minutes. Descaler: Suitable for use with septic tanks and 500ml bottle is suitable for multiple applications.

These heavy-duty, stackable boxes are tough and durable, with clip-lock handles to lock the lids in place. Suitable for storing a range of items from office supplies to cleaning products.

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£24.99 rrp £32.86 New England Wood Toilet Seat Features Sit Tight ™ hinges which ensures ‘No More Movement’. Anti- bacterial durable moulded wood with a fresh white finish. YA1218714

£18.99 rrp £29.99 NEW Varley Alarm Clock Radio Controlled LCD alarm clock. Multi- function display with time, calendar and indoor temperature. Crescendo alarm with snooze. Blue backlight display at the push of a button.YA0022087

£24.99 rrp £39.49 Slow Close Toilet Seat Practical slow-close hinge stops the lid from slamming.All fixtures and fittings included.Anti-bacterial treatment.White.

£11.99 rrp £24.99 NEW White Border Glass Platform Bathroom Scale Ultra-compact glass platform, easy to store. Auto on/off. Large screen easy to read. 150kg/24st capacity.

AA 4+4 £3.99 AAA 4+4 £3.99 Battery Multi-Packs Superb value batteries.

ProjectShout isaCarbonMonoxideawarenesscampaign whichwill raise theprofileofCOalarms toanall timehigh.

£18.99 LED Carbon Monoxide Alarm Can be wall mounted or freestanding. Test button allows you to manually test the CO alarm but also features an automatic self-check facility, testing the functionality of its own battery and sensor.

£13.99 Wire Free Plug Through Kit 50m Plug-through chime kit with 2 melodies. Chime unit plugs into the mains whilst the plug-through feature allows you to still use the socket.YA0891239

£6.99 Hush Button Smoke Alarm Ideal for bedroom and living areas. Hush button, test button and low battery warning. 5 year guarantee.

£19.99 Wire Free Portable

£9.99 Wire Free Door Chime Kit 50m 2 melodies. 50m operating distance.

Plug-In Door Chime Kit 50m 2 melodies. 50m operating distance.

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