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Swedish Mulled Wine (Glogg)

Ingredients: 2 bottles full bodied Red Wine

1 Lemon 1 Orange 10 Cloves

8 Cardamom Pods 2 Cinnamon Sticks 2.5cm (1”) fresh Ginger, thinly sliced 75g (2½oz) Raisins 75g (2½oz) blanched Almonds 100g (3½oz) Brown Sugar (or to taste) 1 tbsp Angostura Bitters 115ml (4fl oz) Aquavit Rum, Madeira or Vodka

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1 . Pour the wine into a large saucepan. Remove the zest of the citrus fruits and set aside. Squeeze fruits and add juice to wine. 2 . Slightly crush the cardamoms and cloves using a pestle and mortar. Tie up lemon peel, orange zest, spices and ginger in a muslin cloth or spice ball and add to the wine. Add raisins, almonds and sugar. Bring wine mixture to just under boiling point stirring to dissolve the sugar, do not boil. 3 . Reduce heat and gently simmer for 15 minutes, or until flavors are well blended and almonds are soft. Skim wine from time to time to remove any foam. Taste the Glogg and add more sugar as necessary. 4 . Just before serving, add the Bitters and Aquavit Rum, Madeira or Vodka.

5 . Ladle Glogg into glass mugs or cups and provide each guest with a spoon for eating the raisins and almonds.

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