HH Cookshop Recipes (2014) - Rum Truffles

a recipe for success

Ingredients: 100g (4oz) Plain Chocolate 50g (2oz) Butter 225g (8oz) sifted Icing Sugar 3 tablespoons Dark Rum

rum truffles Makes approx 30

For Dipping: Cocoa Powder Dark or White Chocolate

1. Break up chocolate and put into a bowl standing over (but not touching) a pan of hot water. 2. Add butter and rum and leave until melted stirring occasionally. 3. Take basin away from pan of hot water and gradually stir sugar into the chocolate mixture.

4. Leave in a cold place until firm enough to roll into balls (makes approx 30 balls). 5. Once completely cool, to finish, roll in cocoa powder or melt more chocolate. Put truffles on a skewer and dip in the melted chocolate and put into petit four cases.

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