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ideal gift

ideal gift

Clip Top Drinks Dispenser Itswideneckopeningmakes iteasytoadd ice,fruitand torefillthedispenser. 5Ltr 3421193 £14.99 ,8Ltr 3421180 £19.99 , Stand 3421324 £4.99 ,SpareTap 3421607 £4.29

NEW Fridge Dispenser 3Ltr From juices to ice cold water, this unique dispenser helps keep drinks fresh and cold for longer. Measuring scale down the side makes tracking your daily water intake simple. 3421722 £16.99

Barrel Dispenser 1Ltr Theperfectsolutionforstoringanddispensingyour liquor.Stainlesssteelstopperdoublesasameasure jigger.Includeswoodenstandtoelevatethebarrel. 25cmx24cmx11.4cm.3421523 £13.99

ideal gift

Handled Clip Top Bottle 200ml Perfectforcordials,oils,vinaigrettesandsauces. 3421146 £2.99each

Clip Top Bottle Ideal for infusing olive oils, vinaigrettes, salad dressings, cordials and homemade lemonade. 250ml 3420451 £2.29 ,550ml 3420467 £2.99 , 1Ltr 3420472 £3.49

8 Piece Sloe Gin Gift Set Enjoy the delicious andwarming taste of homemade sloe gin. Includes a 2Ltr clip top jar, 4x 250ml bottles, muslin cloth, funnel and recipe card. 3420692 £23.99

add sweets or biscuits foran ideal gift

Sloe Gin Clip Top Bottle 275ml For storing homemade lemonade, sloe gin, cordials or oils with a clip top lid. Has a traditional locking system that creates an airtight seal. 3421330 £3.49

Universal Storage Jars Perfect for the kitchen and dry food storage. Attractive solution for storing soaps and accessories. 850ml 3421350 £4.99 ,2Ltr 3421366 £6.99

NEW Stackable Storage Jar Set Features one 900ml clip top and two 880ml push top jars. Keeps dried foods fresher for longer. Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom (for soaps and accessories). 3421717 £15.99

Drinkandaccessoriesshown inthephotographsarenot included

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