HH Autumn DIY 2017

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Save 98 p on multi-buy

caulking guns available

2 for £4 or £2.49 each Decorators Caulk Smooth finish, no sanding required. Paintable after an hour, depending on conditions.

£3.99 £2.29

Ready Mix 600g Powder 450g Multi Purpose Tube 330g + 20% Free

£4.99 each Araldite Tubes 15ml

£2.99 Quick Dry 330g + 10% Free £3.29 Exterior Tube 330g £3.49 Shrink and crack resistant filler.

A strong, solvent-free adhesive. Standard: Perfect for complicated jobs which require adjustment thanks to a long working time. Rapid: Water resistant and can be painted or sanded.

Less Than Half Price

£2.99 Precision Max Super Glue 10g Its extended nozzle is ideal for precise applications and drop-by-drop dosage. Bonds in seconds.

Interior Tube 200ml rrp £6.49 £2.99 Exterior Cartridge rrp £9.99 £5.99 Interior Cartridge rrp £6.99 £4.49 No More Nails Can be used for fixing architrave, dado, skirting and other wood, plaster and ceramic items in and around the home.

£2.99 Perfect Pen Super Glue 3g

Save over £2

Save £4

Provides precise and clean repairs. The new device in the shape of a pen, allows a drop to drop application with no mess. YA3870976

All the benefits of a gun without the cost!

£2.99 Waterproof Wood Adhesive 250ml Can be used internally and externally to provide a high strength, impact resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself.

£4.99 Fix & Grout Tile Adhesive 1Ltr

£3.99 Super Strength PVA 600ml + 30% FREE A high quality adhesive, sealer, bonding agent and primer. Used for gluing wood, paper, textiles, cork, plaster and cement surfaces.YA1801591

£4.99 Genius Gap Gun Filler 500ml Easy to control trigger for precise application. Re-usable for up to 6-weeks.

A premium grade adhesive, formulated to be used as both an adhesive and grout. Contains a fungicide to prevent mould growth and dries to a brilliant white finish.

Save over £3

Save £2

£5.49 rrp £8.99

Save up to £3.50

Save up to £5

Healthy Kitchen and Bathroom Anti Mould Sealant Cartridge Waterproof, extra strong, flexible and durable. Suitable for power showers, bathrooms, kitchens, baths, toilets, worktops, tiled areas, sinks, basins and bedding compound. Ice white or translucent.

£6.99 rrp £8.99 Re-New Sealant Apply on top of existing sealant. Triple protect mould resistance – repels, kills and prevents mould. Integrated smoothing tool for a perfect finish. Ice white.

250ml rrp £9.49 £6.99 500ml rrp £14.49 £10.99 Wet Rot Wood Hardener Penetrates deep and binds then hardens decaying wood to give a solid base for wood filling. Reinforces decaying wood.

275g rrp £11.99 £7.99 550g rrp £15.99 £10.99 High Performance Wood Filler Natural

Rebuilds rotten wood and hardens in just 30 minutes. Its unique two-part system creates seriously tough repairs to virtually any interior or exterior wood.

sealant gun £1.99

Save 98p on multi-buy

£2.99 rrp £5.99 General Purpose Silicone Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Adheres to most smooth and non- porous materials inside and out. Mould resistant. Forms a flexible rubber seal. White or clear.

Half Price

Half Price

£1 rrp £1.99 Decorators Caulk Suitable for filling low movement cracks and gaps around the home such as skirting boards, door frames and architrave. Can be over painted in just one hour.

£1.79 Sugar Soap 450g

£2.49 rrp £4.99 NEW Solvent Free Grab Adhesive White 310ml Solvent free. Interior use.

2 for £5 or £2.99 each Ready To Use Screenwash 5Ltr Provide windscreen with a bright, streak-free finish all year round.

Cleans and prepares all surfaces before repainting. Ideal for general cleaning of all hard surfaces. Removes grease, dirt, wax and nicotine stains.


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